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Save up 66% on your phone bill and keep your phone number

With VoIP home phone service, you can choose any area code you like; in your own area or elsewhere in the country. Or, you can keep your current number if you prefer. VoIP calls give you that freedom. Do you already have VoIP hardware? Then check out our BYOD List to see if your device is compatible!

With VOIP.com setup is easy!
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With VOIP.com setup is easy!
Brazil 2.3¢ \ Canada included India 2.0¢
Italy 1.4ยข Pakistan 10.7¢ Poland 2.0¢
Portugal 1.9¢ Guatemala 12.0¢ Sweden 1.1¢

Block Lists allow you to block calls from specific numbers with more customizable options.

Enhanced 911 transmits your address as soon as you dial 9-1-1, even if you are unable to speak.

FailsafeTM feature can automatically forward your calls to an alternate number in the event of an internet or power outage.

Keep Your Number, switching over or moving? No worries with VOIP.com, you can take your number with you!