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VOIP.com Launches Its First Retail Sales Operation

Camie Gontier
July 30, 2007 – VOIP.com starts residential VoIP phone service retail sales in South Florida, co-branded with telecommunication sales startup BabbleTone LLC. Read More »

VOIP.com Software Lets You Add a Number to Your Mobile Phone

Carrie Belt
May 08, 2007 – VOIP.com's Mobile Line 2 Service enhances cell phone flexibility, conference calls with advanced VOIP technology. This unique application goes beyond the traditional cell phone accessories and services. Read More »

VOIP.com announces launch of International wholesale rates for Businesses

Ferenc Veres
February 17, 2007 – Innovative and flexible, voip service provider voip.com rolls out International Wholesale rates for businesses. The service offers rates at 30% - 75% of traditional carriers, real-time access to complete call details, and can easily be used from mobile phones. Read More »

Beef Up Voip Security for 2007

Ferenc Veres
February 01, 2007 – Residential voip users appear to be vulnerable targets for tech-savvy hackers. As converged phishing attacks become more common, voip.com urges members to protect their voip systems and take steps to become more security aware. Read More »

VOIP.com Offers Tips for Optimizing Your VOIP Service

Ferenc Veres
January 25, 2007 – VOIP.com is offering recommended strategies voip users can use for optimizing their voip service. Voice Over Internet Protocol or “VOIP” phone service offers the advantages of a traditional phone services without sacrificing call quality. Read More »

VOIP.com Connects with Subscribers

Ferenc Veres
January 23, 2007 – Service provider voip.com reaches out to members with a new, monthly newsletter aimed at their residential subscribers. Each issue is packed with industry and corporate news, tips and solutions, gadget reviews, and voip stories from real people. Read More »

VOIP.com Launches Commitment-Free Voip

Ferenc Veres
January 15, 2007 – Strings-free voip service from voip.com allows consumers greater control over their telecommunication spending. Members gain access to voip calling without having to sign up for a monthly commitment. Read More »

VOIP.com Adds 200 Minute Calling Plan

Ferenc Veres
January 08, 2007 – Bringing more options to voip lovers in the US, popular voip service provider voip.com rolls out a new 200 minute calling plan that offers access to the same powerful calling features as their other plans, for only $9.95 a month. Read More »

Don't Miss Out On 2006 VOIP Equipment Tax Breaks

Ferenc Veres
December 14, 2006 – Increase the amount of your Section 179 deduction by purchasing voip and IT equipment before the December 31, 2006 deadline. Businesses that opt for Section 179 get to take the full deduction for eligible equipment expenses without having to depreciate it over multiple tax years. Read More »

Net Neutrality More Important Than Ever

Ferenc Veres
December 04, 2006 – After a resounding Democratic victory on Capitol Hill, incoming congressional freshmen may hold the key to successful network neutrality legislation. VOIP.com urges people to get involved protecting the future of the net. Read More »